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Information Technology Services

SUB 205


501-916-3012 (Fax)


Johnnie W. Adams

Systems Administrator

SUB 205

Adrian Ball

Applications Administrator

SUB 206-Q

John Barthol

Lead Database Administrator

SUB 205

Terry D. Bobo

Director of Enterprise Applications and Business Engagement

SUB 205-E

Dakota Bridges

Computer Support Specialist

SUA 105

Courtney Carder

Workday Organizational Change Manager

SUB 206

Robert L. Clark, DM/IST

Associate Director of Systems and Infrastructure

SUB 206

Janet E. Dotson

Finance and Budget Analyst

SUB 205

Veysel Erdag

Information Security Officer

SUB 205

Colleen Godley

ERP - Business Analyst/Developer

SUB 213

Mike Gray

Enterprise Web Developer

SUB 206-K

Benjamin Hansen

Systems Administrator

SUB 206R

Sean Harris

Desktop Support

SUA 105

Cody A. Henslee, M.A.

Application Support & Maintenance

SUB 212

Greg Hicks

Associate Director of Networks and Infrastructure

SUB 205

Robert Hilton

Application Program support

SUB 214

Jamie L. Jilka

Data Integrity Specialist

SUB 205

Shalimar L. Jones

Financial Aid Technical Assistant

SSC 219N

Brian Keltch

Associate Vice Chancellor/CIO

SUB 205-C

Booker Lytle

System Administrator

SUB 206T

Benjamin Mayo

Assistant Systems Manager

SSC 218

Brad McMillian

Network Engineer

SUB 203 E

Vruti Modi

Enterprise Web Developer

SUB 212

Don O'Donnell

Senior Project/Program Manager

SUB 206-G

Will Ogden

VOIP IT Telephony Manager

SUB 205

Tyler Pamplin

Enterprise Applications Support

SUB 212

Kyle Pierson

Network Engineer

SUB 203D

Kevin Rains

Research Support Technician

SUB 205-D

Russ Riegel

Client Support Manager

SUA 105

Nancy Riethoff

Procurement Specialist

SUB 205

Jason M. Rogers

Associate Director of Business Engagement & Projects

SUB 206-C

Zack Rowan

Computer Support Specialist

SUA 105

Tim E. Stoddard

Director of Technology, Infrastructure, and Operations

SUB 205

Peter M. Stuckey

Database Administrator

SUB 205

Brandon Thomas

Computer Support Specialist

SUA 105

Bud Tillman

Associate Director of Enterprise Operations

SUB 206-I

Jonathan Timm

Business Analyst

SUB 206G

Jack Tipshus

Senior Wireless Network Engineer

SUB 203B

Vicky Wilson-Walden

Administrative Specialist III

SUB 205