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Arkansas Economic Development Institute

Department head: James L. Youngquist

Logan Benson

Community Economic Development Planner

RBUS 433

Reteisha Byrd

Community Economic Development Specialist

RBUS 421

Michael Collins

Community Economic Development Specialist

RBUS 422

Zachary R. Cook

Assistant Finance Manager

RBUS 414

Susan M. Jackson

Graphic Artist Desktop Publisher

RBUS 425

Geoffrey Joseph

Enterprise Web Developer

RBUS 418

Kevin Koonce

Geographic Information Systems Analyst

RBUS 428

Miles D. McDonnell

Emergency Management Specialist

RBUS 432

Michael Pakko, Ph.D.

Economist/State Economic Forecaster

RBUS 424

Sara E. Prior, Ph.D.

Systems & Data Analyst

RBUS 420

David R. Rasmussen

Associate Research Specialist, IT Projects

RBUS 413

Alison Wright

Assistant Research Specialist, Demographic and Children's Research

RBUS 417