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Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center

Department head: Laura C. Fine

RBUS 260


501-916-9720 (Fax)


Tania M. Chavez

Arkansas Business Navigator Specialist

RBUS 462

Ryan Cole

Business Consultant

RBC 270

Robert E. Dunn

Market Research Specialist

RBUS 276

Angela Gardner

Arkansas Business Navigator Specialist

RBUS 463

Gwen Green

Marketing and Communications Manager

RBUS 279

Whitney Horton

Strategic Partnerships Manager

RBUS 262

Brandon A. Horvath

Capital Access Specialist

RBUS 265

Harrison Hudson

Market Researcher

RBUS 469

Diego M. Ibarra

Arkansas Business Navigator Project Manager

RBUS 464

Wendy A. Orvis

Startup Specialist

RBUS 263

Heather B. Robinette

Consulting and Marketing Research Manager

RBUS 264

Dmitri Scott

Entrepreneurial Education Specialist

RBC 283

Michael Singleton, J.D.

Associate State Director

RBUS 269

Merideth Thomas

Intranet Coordinator

RBUS 475

Rebecca Todd

Innovation Consultant

RBUS 277